The Centro Sperimentale di Fotografia – Adams (C.S.F. Adams) and Kromart Gallery launch a call for entry for Italian and international photographers who want to show their works during the collective exhibition “At night” that will take place from the 16th December 2022  – 12th January 2023  in the show rooms of CsfAdams

The city is beautiful at night. There’s danger but also freedom. It’s roamed by the sleepless ones, the artists, the killers, the gamblers; bars, restaurants, cafés are open. People greet and get to know each other, among those who live at night. Vices are forgiven. The daylight blames, the night’s darkness absolves. The transformed ones, men dressed as women, go out, because their nature tells them so and no one bothers them. No questions asked at night. Cripples, blind and limping people, repelled during the day, also go out.  The night in the city is a pocket that was turned over. Even homeless dogs go out. They await the night to look for leftovers. How many dogs can live without anybody. At night the city is a civil place.
(Erri De Luca)

Deadline : December 5th 2022
Exhibition : December 16th 2022 – Jenuary 12th  2023
Vernissage: December 16th 2022 h. 19:00

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For payment
IT 16 P 02008 05052 000401009621
Paypal – kromartgallery@gmail.com






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KromArt Gallery - Galleria fotografica della CSF Adams Roma

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KromArt Gallery - Galleria fotografica della CSF Adams Roma

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KromArt Gallery - Galleria fotografica della CSF Adams Roma

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Attrezzature e servizi disponibili in Kromart Gallery

Strutture: pareti attrezzate per esposizione con sistemi di aggancio museale, cavalletti in metallo colore nero per esposizione, parallelepipedi in legno colore nero (100x60x60 cm componibili) per esposizione, sistema illuminazione a piantane, sistema illuminazione aereo su binari direzionabile, locale dotato di impianto autonomo di climatizzazione

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  • linea tram 8
  • linee bus 31, 33, H, 791, 792, 088, 870, 982, 44, 44f, n19, 180f
  • stazione taxi: Largo Ravizza (Circ.e Gianicolense) 300 metri dalla galleria


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