Group exhibition 2023

From the international collaboration with the Ph21 Gallery in Budapest
where the fourth edition of the exhibition will take place

 Curated by Luisa Briganti for Kromart gallery

Exhibition from 7 to 18 March

Vernissage: Tuesday 7 March 2023 at 6.30pm


We present the

Special mentions 

Carlo Traini with the project Revealed identities

Francesca Cao with the project The Courage To Be A Desire
Paula Jesus  with the project Sit – down baby

Their projects in their entirety will be part of the collection that will be exhibited at the 15th edition of Praga photo to be held in the fall curated in collaboration with Centro Sperimentale di Fotografia Adams

Also exhibiting

Carlo Barberio, Paola Francesca Barone, Fabio Bartolozzi, Amanda Belcher, Valentina Bellomo, Paolo Bullo, Simona Caprioli, Stefano Cherti, Stefania Cuozzo, Attilio Di Daniele, Francesca Fachinetti, Anna Flore, Eleonora Gallo, Emma Graziani, Benjamin Handukić, Alberto Lucarelli, Cristina Luciani, Luisa Montagna, Valentina Paparozzi, Stelvio Peti, Aurora Ruffini, Roberto Suriano


Heraclitus believed the world’s secret law to consist in the tight connection between opposites, which fight one another but, at the same time, can’t exist without the other, since one lives only because of the other one.

The term opposition (from the Latin term oppositio and the verb opponere, to oppose) philosophically refers to that condition, where something, due to its characteristics, stands, materially and/or ideally, in strong contrast with another one. Therefore, nothing would exist if its opposite wouldn’t also exist at the same time.

A photographic image is said to be contrasted when there is a clear difference between the light and dark parts, i.e. when its content is concentrated in the lights (clear zones) and in the shadows, having a scarce presence of intermediate tones. Hence contrast means difference, conflict, disagreement, opposition…of sounds, smells, ideas, colours, lights, tones, ages, genders, verbal, physical…  (Gabriele Agostini)

PH21 Gallery:
55 Ráday St.
Hours: Thursday–Saturday: 2–6 p.m. and by appointment



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